CULTURAL SAFETY FRAMEWORK – Safer Communities Project

The Cultural Safety Framework was codesigned with members of the many diverse communities that live, work or spend their time in the Salisbury area, Kaurna Country.

The Cultural Safety Framework has been developed to support businesses, community and government organisations to become safer spaces for people from diverse backgrounds to thrive in. We hope this document will inspire you to facilitate changes in your own environments to improve cultural safety.

Please click the link below to view the framework:

Cultural Safety Framework

A summary of the full framework can be accessed with the below link:

Cultural Safety Framework Summary


Many organisations have asked us to share our cultural safety statement. We use this as part of our introduction in workshops and events.

Cultural Safety Statement


This logo was developed as part of the Cultural Safety Framework to show your commitment to maintaining culturally safe spaces. Hard copies of this sticker are available upon request.

Safer Communities Sticker


YOUTH FORUM REPORT – Building Thriving Intercultural Communities Project

In September 2018, we held a youth forum to hear the voices of local youth.

Raise Your Voice Against Racism – Youth Form